Calbor Cera is liquid basic fertilizer reached in calcium and boron that are very important for the plant.

Calbor Cera is conceded one of the most important products of Calcium and Boron without Nitrogen and because of that the plant is not oriented to vegetative growth.

Calbor Cera helps to fix the setting process, not dropping the flowers, and increases fruit storage.

Calbor Cera prevent the plant against fungi and fruit deformation.  Also, improves root structure and its dispersing in the soil

Doses and applying:

Foliar application: 100-150 ml/100L repeat as required

Irrigation: 1-2 L/Feddan with water irrigation

It can be applied 2-3 times during all the crop season

The product can mix with the most common fertilizers and pesticides and it prefer to make small trail before mixing.